The complete vessel management system

International Safety Management System (ISM)

The system has been build up as a tool for the officers facilitating features that makes the operation of the individual vessel much more comprehensive compared with usual systems.

Identification of job descriptions. Safety guidelines, checklists, flag state updates / bulletins. 

Drill Matrix as well as Report Matrix provides a unique platform to organize reports and lists to the office. All daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly or annually reports can be added to the Matrix. Reports that does not have a pre-determined schedule can be added like risk assessments, incident/accident reports etc. The Matrix’s provides a direct communication string between shore and vessel that enables follow up to any comments or remarks as the case may be on reports that needs feedback.

The ISM system can be modified and adjusted to any wishes operators / managers may have and include all and any forms, lists, checklists etc. the system setup can be modified as well.  ISM system provides amongst others following features.