The complete vessel management system

SeaPlan WEB

A Unique facility that unites the various features presented in the SeaPlan system.

Each divisions in SeaPlan being ISM, PMS, Certificates or any of the other facilities pas been provided with rules or values that indicates whenever an item is deviating from the desired value, or is potentially due within a sertain defined time setting. such deviation generate an observation in the SeaPlan Web.

Users of the SeaPlan Web usually being management team members, top management or owners representatives / bankers representatives etc. will be provided with unique user and password to a specific vessel or specific vessels.

SeaPlan Web provides a total overview of the status ( numbers of observations )for each department being safety and quality / technical department / purchase department or financial status. The observations are being identified to the department in charge.

The system provides the management a real time picture of the status of single vessels or fleets as the case may be.